Proposal: Harmony

I created Harmony proposal and it is closed by the moderators as a duplicate of Ethereum. Harmony is a separate layer-1 blockchain, although it is an EVM compatible blockchain, it has its own merits to require a separate space. @animuson


Preliminary research suggests that it is too closely related to Ethereum to warrant a separate site, and statements from others suggest that developing in Harmony is almost exactly the same as developing in Ethereum. Based on this information, we are not willing to host a separate Q&A site for this community.

We already made the mistake of splitting blockchains and cryptocurrencies into separate communities to begin with. We are certainly not going to make another mistake and start letting those separate communities splinter off into their own sub-communities as well.

I've said this before, but it's worth saying again: We are not interested in becoming a network of Q&A sites for every blockchain and cryptocurrency out there. These sites generally do pretty poorly, with each new iteration doing worse than its predecessors. We are frankly on the verge of banning new site proposals of this kind altogether.


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