There seems to be a need for such a Q&A forum. Example: There are two German Scientific podcasts for the pandemic and the people behind them make clear that there are many, many new and unanswered questions every week.

So why were the proposals not successful? Does someone remember?

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Simply put, an entire Q&A site specifically for a pandemic is not a viable site. We do not create sites for such specific topics, especially one that will eventually pass and become somewhat obsolete in the future. A site only about COVID would never be accepted on our network, regardless of the community behind it.

In general, epidemiology questions are on-topic at Medical Sciences, where there are hundreds of questions about COVID already.

  • Interesting answer, thank you. So you are saying supply and demand is not crucial but an ideology. And this ideology is not even about about the needs of the community or the society. It is just about some internal rule someone has invented at some point of time and circumstances don't count any longer. And by the way, a pandemic covers much more topics than only Medical Sciences. This is probably the reason it was suggested as a new domain many times.
    – rwitzel
    Apr 29, 2021 at 18:42

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