Shopware is the leading e-commerce platform in german speaking countries with a growing Europian user base.

I am not able to find an existing site or proposal for Shopware and I would like to support or propose the creation of the site shopware.stackexchange.com in the category Technology.

1.305 questions exist that are tagged with 'shopware': https://stackexchange.com/search?q=shopware Thera a 150 more questions tagged with shopware5 or shopware6.

Am I missing something obvious why there is no proposal yet?

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Most platforms do not have their own community, only the largest ones (SharePoint, Salesforce, Wordpress, Magento) do. 1,500 questions is not a lot; while there are smaller sites in the network, none of them are really healthy and you're better off as a sub-community of Stack Overflow.

It's quite telling that the platform does not even have an English Wikipedia page, only a German one. That probably means the user base is not as large as you think.

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    Thank you, @Glorfindel. Your insights helped me to understand why there is no proposal for shopware. And it makes sense absolutely. Apr 26, 2021 at 7:23

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