Proposal: webOS OSE

Hello, I am shocked to see that this proposal was marked closed when it was on the verge of going to the next stage. It looked like there were actual followers who were interested in getting answers to the intricacies of the webos ose system. Also, it looked like we had Qs that were likely to match the expertise of the webos ose experts.

Through a quick review now, I notice that some Qs are too direct and can suggest improvements to those Qs.

However, I see that the proposal is closed due to voting fraud and duplicate accounts. I don't know how this happened and wish such votes/accounts could be weeded out.

On my part, the proposal link was shared to a group of experts of webos ose and asked them to look at the proposal and contribute + follow. Any guidance to reopening this forum would help the webos ose experts + developers tremendously and help us get along to the next phase.

Our ultimate goal is to spread webos ose further and get more people using it and spreading it across.

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    The notice is pretty clear, webos ose will not be allowed to create a new proposal. – Nij Apr 22 at 5:03
  • Yes @Nij. But the reasons given in the announcement were pretty serious. How can we find out the voting fraud and duplicate accounts. Also, we noticed a number of followers unfollowed the proposal and also some Qs lost their votes...Any help would go a long way in resolving this and getting our proposal back on track. – BFerns Apr 22 at 5:10
  • I'm not sure what part of it is difficult. The offending accounts have already been destroyed, now the proposal is closed and will not be reopened. If you had any way of preventing the fraud, you would have used it before it reached this point. – Nij Apr 22 at 5:19
  • @Nij, if I knew how to distinguish a fraud account from a valid one, this situation could be averted. Can you tell me how to identify a fraud account? Also, can you give a list of the deleted fraud accounts? I can check amongst webos ose experts to check who created the fraud and why it was done, and whether it was done unknowingly. We are really serious about creating this proposal community and are sure there can be lots of users when it goes further.... – BFerns Apr 22 at 6:03
  • @nij or any of the other moderators ... we were victims of this fraud voting or duplicate accounts and had no idea what was going on... We believed there were genuine followers and people following/voting for the Qs were genuinely interested in the resolution of their webOS Qs. What options do we have to reopen this community? – BFerns Apr 26 at 7:37
  • You have no options. How much more clear could the SE staff make this to you? Fraud was committed and you either took part in it or turned a blind eye or had no way to prevent it. None of these are acceptable. – Nij Apr 26 at 8:19

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