Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) includes blockchain and is a hot topic for a while. I was astonished that there is not StackExchange site and thought about proposing one, but I'm uncertain if enough people would be interested to keep the quality high. My main question is: How do you find an organization/website for DLT?

I think having one central community for various blockchain / DLT topics (maybe even including DeFi?) would prevent a lot of small sites which all cover exactly one cryptocurrency / blockchain.

1. Topic

Distributed Ledger Technology

2. Who is this site for?

Developers and enthusiasts who want to understand the different protocols, economic models, and use-cases behind projects that use distributed ledger technology.

3. Organization or website organizing this effort

How did this work for sites like tex.SE or math.SE? How do you find an organization for that?

There are plenty of sub-reddits:

Example Questions

  1. How do stablecoins creators make a living? (r/defi)
  2. Can you deposit USDC in Eth address of Metamask? (r/defi)
  3. How can I calculate Fees and Gas prices on Uniswap? (r/defi)
  4. Where is the data of cryptocurrencies stored? (closed on StackOverflow)
  5. How can I to commit chain code to a second channel? (closed on StackOverflow)
  6. Is blockchain data stored forever? (closed on StackOverflow)
  7. Is there a way to cheaply store big amounts of data in the Ethereum blockchain? (closed on StackOverflow)
  8. How to Swap ERC20 to BEP20 in blockchain network? (closed on StackOverflow)

Evidence that People are Interested

We have several sites which focus on specific blockchains:

And proposals for even more:

There was the question about a general Blockchain SE.

There are some SE sites that cover some aspects of Blockchain topics:

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