Proposal: æternity

Gathering a lot of opinions from our forum and telegram it seems like we should have wide options for Q&A.

I honestly think that although SE is quite technical we should have space for :

  1. General technical beginners
  2. Business interest
  3. CORE & Advanced development
  4. Sophia development from basic smart contract to state channels
  5. Hyperchain

Probably the less clear should be 2)Business interest but I see it as a place to ask if it makes sense or how to solve some specific business scenario with blockchain and aeternity.

I don't think this will be a good place for price subject as I can't think on any other question than "will it rise soon or when moon?"

Our forum will remain for discussions in general, protocol improvement proposals and status update as well as grants.

Am I forgetting something?


Maybe include questions related to governance, mining and in general questions about existing AEX-9 token projects?

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