Recently a new Proposal: Cardano was made and I wonder if there is actually enough demand to answer questions about it. When looking at stackoverflow there are 22 questions tagged with cardano. This does not look like there is sufficiently large community demand


check out forum.cardano.org - lot of technical questions regarding to how to setup a pool, using a wallet, and much more coming when smart contracts will be available to develop.


There are many Cardano related questions on stack overflow that are not tagged with "Cardano". Other community specific terms include Plutus, Marlowe, Oroboros, Daedalus and others. When searching on stack-overflow for many of these terms there are many results that are unrelated to Cardano that need to be filtered out or skipped.

Having a separate site for Cardano will increase stackexchange's value to the Cardano community.


What you are seeing now is just the front runners who understand Cardano's potential even in its infancy. The people working on/with Cardano are creating the landscape for the people that will actually need this site for support. The community is getting a head start paving the way for the influx to come. You will notice more views and questions soon.

Build and they will come.

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    "Build and they will come" is objectively false when it comes to Area 51 proposals, and is clear evidence that a community for the proposal does not exist. – Nij Feb 20 at 23:22
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    I don't understand why you regard the idea as "objectively false" when the number of followers has risen from 50 to 300 in about three days. I'm not as familiar with Area 51 proposals but that seems like a growing community to me. – user212081 Feb 21 at 12:11
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    The idea is that you should already have an established community that is interested in using a new site here. The attitude of "build and they will come" flies directly against the philosophy of our network, which is more in line with "build first and then we will let you have a site." Historically, we have seen proposals that did not already have an established community fail over and over and over, which is why we now have existing community requirements. This isn't the place to be hopeful. It is the place to prove you are already worthy. – animuson Feb 21 at 17:15
  • New to this, I will rein in my enthusiasm accordingly. – user212081 Feb 21 at 20:25

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