I was going to write a question that goes as follows.

"I stumbled upon the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZPIHddpJGY. Now I'm curious what type of train it is. That's maybe I have ideas and it appears to have been a well designed train and I might be able to use it to feed ideas for research even though I have no research experience. The text appears to be in Japanese which I can't understand. I tried to see if I could translate the page. It seems like these days, it's not possible to translate pages into English anymore. I tried Google searching how to translate a page. It said go into Google Chrome and when it appears in another language, click "Translate." However that video itself which is a page that is not in English, I couldn't find a way to translate in Google Chrome. I normally use Microsoft Edge these days but I went to that video in Google Chrome to see if I could translate it there and couldn't find a way to. I can't find a way to translate it in Microsoft edge either."

However, I don't know of a Stack Exchange website that it would be suitable for.

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