Proposal: Legislative Innovation

As Tim Post stated2 "In order for us to consider a localized site other than Stack Overflow, Stack Overflow must currently exist in the target language." There is a stack overflow in portuguese, so let's advance to the next requirement which is "we positively must have community manager cycles to spare, from someone fluent in the target language".

That second requirement is a problem because we can't possibly know when and if there will be an available community manager. I also wonder if they're even hiring.

So we probably won't get this Q&A site created but I took my time to translate the proposal to english and write this because I think that it will be nice to advance to the commited stage and maybe then, after we demonstrate engagement from the community the Stack Exchange staff will consider launching our site to the beta.


That post is admittedly outdated - it was posted over five years ago now and I wish it could easily be removed from the close reason because some of what is stated in it is no longer relevant.

Simply put: no progress has ever been made on expanding our site internationalization. As far as I know, no progress was ever slated to be made. We do not have the resources to support another international community and will not create another site in a language other than English in the foreseeable future. Our available resources have only shrunk since then, not grown.

That said, it does not make sense to get a community's hopes up that it might change four months down the line because it won't. It's already been five years and we are no closer to that changing than the day the announcement was posted.

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    well.. it is what it is. At least it was quick. – vchoi Feb 11 at 21:25

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