Since we already have Ask Different and Unix & Linux Stack Exchange, why not have a site for Windows?

I want to propose it, but I don't have an organization for it, and I don't know exactly who would even support it because we already have Super User.

Is it OK to have a WIndows Stack Exchange, or has there been an attempt of doing so? If not, why?

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I'm pretty sure it will be closed as a duplicate of Super User (and/or Server Fault, for Windows administration questions), even if you had an organization to support it.

The existence of other sites whose scopes fall within or overlap significantly with (iOS questions are off-topic on Super User) doesn't matter. That happened a long time ago when rules for site creation were different. Also, there is a Windows Phone site because those questions are off-topic on Super User, Windows Phone being a mobile OS. Since Windows Phone is end of life, I don't think the site will last long either.

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