Few days back I added this question. Someone edited the question and added two pairs of curly braces enclosing two words.

Original question:
What preventive measures can one take to protect poultry from bird flu?

Question after edit:
What preventive measures can one take to protect {poultry} from {bird flu}?

I have a feeling that this could be to convey extra information that the enclosed words are also tags. Is it true? Or anything else?


It is used to indicate a question could be apllicable in many different use cases.

The curly braces are used to signify that those parts of the question can be replaced with other things to make additional questions of the same time. So you could fill them in with poulty and bird flu. Or poultry could become some other meat. Or bird flu could become some other disease.

It is an easy way to emphasize many different questions could be asked in a similar fashion without having to post a bunch of questions following the same format as examples.

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