In the stackoverflow area we have sites for coding questions, Linux, hardware, Mac, Mathematics, Physics. But no site regarding SMARTPHONES! How can that be?

A site where you can ask questions like

  • Recommendations for manufacturers to have some specific features
  • Help making a smartphone faster
  • Help for rooting
  • Help for software
  • Google play recommendations
  • App questions
  • Smartphone security
  • ...

Maybe I missed such a page?


Smartphones not falling into the above categories are few and far between, and do not have sufficient traction to create a healthy community on their own.

Besides, recommendation questions are a bad fit for Stack Exchange's Q&A format; see

  • I was asking a question on the Android Enthusiasts page, but it was closed as off-topic, as it was hardware related!
    – Alex
    Dec 16 '20 at 14:22

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