Proposal: Matter Modeling

We are currently in Day 180 of Beta:

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These three users have reached the 10 post threshold recently:


But one of them is showing up as having "fulfilled commitment" and the other is showing up as not having any "current commitments" or "fulfilled commitments". Yesterday all three of them were showing up as having "current commitment" in Matter Modeling SE.

Why did one commitment get counted as fulfilled, but the other two were rejected?

This is related, but not the same as this question: A user who posted 11 times in the Beta is not being recognized as having "fulfilled commitment" but users with fewer than 10 posts are

which is about people who fulfilled commitment a long time ago (well before the 179 vs 180 day deadline).

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The daily script that voids commitments would have voided all unfulfilled commitments for Matter Modeling on October 25 at 03:00 UTC when it ran, which was 180 days after April 28 when the private beta went live. At that time, the first two users in your list did not qualify for the fulfillment.

The first asked 3 questions on October 26, which means they would have only had four posts at the final check. The second asked 8 questions on October 26, which means they would have only had three posts at the final check. Those additional posts would have needed to be made a couple days earlier.

  • Hello! I just wanted to check about the time at which this daily script runs. You said in this answer that it runs at 3am UTC. Today (24 October 2021) is 180 days after the day Cardano.SE was went live (27 April 2021), and it's already 7:28am UTC. I fulfilled my commitment (posted my final 2 posts, which give me a total of 7, plus he 3 I got for my Beta badge) a few minutes ago, since A51 still says Cardano.SE is "179 days in beta" and we also went live much later on 27 April than 3am UTC. Commented Oct 24, 2021 at 7:31
  • Cardano still appears under "current commitments", which would only be the case for beta sites that are still within the 180-day window (e.g. I failed to fulfill my commitment at Drones.SE after 180 days, so it's not listed under "current commitments" anymore, even though Cardano.SE still shows up there). Does this mean that the script didn't run at 3am UTC, or does the running of the script and the removal of the site from the "current commitments" list operate independently? If so, would it be possible to run the script again since I missed the 3am deadline but was within 180 days, please? Commented Oct 24, 2021 at 7:34

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