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Yesterday I found that there is a proposal for a Dutch language SE, and since I am currently actively learning Dutch I really like to see it succeed. Yesterday I added three questions I would ask in such a place, but every single on of them got down-voted. I understand that votes are important to define what kind of questions we want to see, but it would be really more helpful if there were any comments on what makes these questions not suited for a Dutch SE site.

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  • For questions about learning resources, Language Learning Stack Exchange is probably a better option. It is much more tolerant about resource requests than most other Stack Exchange sites. – Tsundoku Oct 11 at 18:15

I also added some questions about pronunciation which I actually want to be answered. They were downvoted too. Unfortunately, a person who did it didn't provide any comment, which definitely doesn't get the goal to launch the community closer. Probably, they meant that they don't want to see such basic questions from A1 learners. But I can only guess. Will see. I will keep my eye on the community and check if it still suits my needs.

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  • I was actually going to reference your questions as examples, where it happens to someone else too. I find all three questions of yours reasonable to at least be discussed. It appears to me that regulars of area51 have a very clear understanding of what is a good question and what is a bad question and don't bother to explain it every time. In my eyes this makes it very unwelcoming for outsiders to engage in the process. – Helena Oct 9 at 8:03
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    I believe, the common StackExchange rules of answering good questions work here: meta.stackexchange.com/help/dont-ask The aforementioned questions doesn't break any of those rules. So, probably, the downvoters simply don't welcome such questions in this particular community. And yes, it looks not friendly. But we can engage other supporters in the community. Probably, they have another opinion. The building process is still going. – greatromul Oct 9 at 8:22
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    To be honest, I got the feeling that most downvoters have actually no interest in a Dutch community site, but are Area51 regulars that get their red marker out quickly. Whereas the people how actually have something to do with the Dutch language are the ones who will upvote questions, but are in a minority. – Helena Oct 9 at 8:27
  • Compare your questions to those which have several upvotes or high positive score. They are focused and the purpose is clear; by contrast many of yours are vague or poll-y. – Nij Oct 9 at 22:45

Our sites generally do not accept recommendation questions. You should avoid asking questions which would simply because lists of resources. In fact, we've had such poor experiences with recommendation-style questions in the past that we no longer allow site suggestions of the "{x} Recommendations" type, and we strongly encourage all sites to avoid taking them at all. You can find a lot of history about recommendation questions both here and over on Meta.

I can only imagine those two of your questions were downvoted because the users believed they would not result in good questions on the site. I've also closed one of them that I believe is just too far out there to be a constructive question.

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  • Thanks, I kind of suspected that. This would explain two of the downvotes, the other one was asking for the difference between two seemingly similar Dutch words, this definitely wasn't a recommendation question... I will remove the remaining recommendation question. – Helena Oct 9 at 7:32

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