Proposal: Pharmacology

Pharmacology is already well-covered by two of our other sites:

  • Biology.SE has a pharmacology tag with 373 questions. Questions focusing on the biology of pharmacology rather than clinical practice are acceptable here.
  • Medical Sciences.SE has a pharmacology tag which is synonymed to the medications tag with 363 questions. Questions focusing on the clinical practice of medicine or pharmacy, clinical indications or contraindications for use, clinical trials, known side effects, and medication management are on-topic as long as they are not requests for personal medical advice (which is not on-topic anywhere on the network).

The proposal should be closed using the standard reason:

This subject is already well-covered by a live Stack Exchange site. We generally do not split off subjects simply to give them their own space.

Is there any reason it does not fall under this close reason? If so, please explain. If not, let's close it.

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  • What is the question here? – Nike Dattani Sep 6 at 2:11
  • @nike I edited the question. It is a request to close the proposal as a duplicate. – Robert Columbia Sep 6 at 10:21
  • 1
    The 800 questions split between those two sites pales in comparison to the 10+ questions/day that a new site is expected to eventually reach. In 3 months the new site would ideally have more questions than both of those tags combined. In 3 years the site would ideally have ~10,000 questions, whereas those tags have only ~800 questions in over 15 combined years. Pharmacology is the best proposal that's been made in recent times (Dutch is doing well but Dutch has failed several times before). Asking to close this proposal is like asking to shut down A51: Without this proposal what's the point? – Nike Dattani Sep 6 at 15:19

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