Proposal: Dutch Language

In the past, there have been at least four other proposals for a site on the Dutch language or the Dutch languages. They all failed during the definition phase, i.e. they were closed due to low activity before they even reached the beta phase.

Does the current proposal originate from an existing online community that wants to move its discussions to Stack Exchange? If yes, what is that community? If no, where can we promote this proposal to ensure its success?

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  • I haven't seen any new questions or followers since 26 August. Do people still care about this site proposal? – Tsundoku Aug 31 at 15:19
  • I just added some new questions – Helena Oct 7 at 20:42
  • I am less worried about the numbers of questions than the number of votes. 40 questions with 10 votes divided by 5 votes per users means we will need 80 users to vote. I only learned of this proposal by accident, since I am using SE frequently but don't check area 51 that often. Would there be a way to advertise this to other SE users that are either learning Dutch, or Dutch speakers? – Helena Oct 7 at 21:32
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    @Helena I think that there are too few users actually vote on the questions. With regard to promoting the proposal, I think we need to find forums etc. outside Stack Exchange, too. – Tsundoku Oct 7 at 21:46
  • I think you are right. With the current rules it appears that a proposal without the backing of an existing community is dead in the water. – Helena Oct 7 at 21:48

I think it can be your community outside of the StackExchange. For example, I live in the Netherlands and work in a Dutch company. I am eager to learn Dutch. I shared the link on this community in our working chat to motivate my colleagues to join. Please, do the same if you can.

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    When making a proposal, the user must state specifically where the community is. Linking to an existing group, describing the organisation that is encouraging its use, or demonstrating a credible and legitimate supportive userbase are required. "It could be yours, I'm sharing it with my friends" is not an answer to that question. Who, which organised named group, is backing this proposal? – Nij Oct 12 at 9:14
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    I think, it answers the last part of the question 'If no, where can we promote this proposal to ensure its success?'. So, that's a good idea to promote the community outside of SE. – elekor Oct 12 at 12:17

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