Proposal: Healthcare IT

Given how different the UK health service (free at the point of use) is to the USA health system (left on the road side if no insurance cover). Do we need a separate site for the UK; I can’t see many experts on the UK health care IT having any interest in the site when most of the users have a USA “mind set”.

  • I think there is bound to be problems with this forums for the reason you suggest, but still wouldn't go for separate SE sites.
    – Lisa
    Oct 13, 2011 at 2:26

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I can't imagine that there will be enough users to have country-specific sites for this. Also, read through the example questions from the definition phase - many of them aren't country-specific and at least a couple are specifically international. There's more to healthcare IT than just billing, you know...

Still, I think your question definitely suggests that we'll need country-specific tagging, especially where regulatory questions are concerned. That should help users filter down to the questions relevant to their countries.


While I fully agree that the US health care system is horrid, you seem to be the one bringing the negative mindset here. Being dismissive of American users and their perspective will not be helpful to the site.

If an answer is bad, and would lead to failure or other negative consequences, then vote it down. Others will do the same. Ineffective professionals and those ignorant of good practice will not gain traction on the site, regardless of which system they work in. Participate constructively.


Ian, I see that you haven't yet committed to Healthcare IT. I recommend that you:

  1. Commit to the proposal now.
  2. When the private beta opens (which will happen very soon, so do step 1 asap!), sign in and create a post on their new meta asking this same question.

My personal guess is that it won't be US-only (i.e., users add appropriate country tags where needed), but that's really up to the consensus of the community. Your best bet for getting the answer you want: participate in the creation of that consensus.

  • I don't work in the NHS myself, but I know many people that do, given that USA health care IT companies has just cost the NHS a lot in failed projects, I can't see anyone I know in the NHS wishing to have anything to do with a site that is USA based.
    – Ian
    Oct 12, 2011 at 8:22

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