I have been monitoring this proposal for a while now, and it seemed to have been doing well. I never commited because I wasn't interested in the topic. It suddenly closed. What happened? Proposal: Zilliqa

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Please see Is there an Area 51 policy on offering money to people who follow or commit to their proposals?

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

As the other answers here note, our site lifecycle presupposes that the people who commit to proposals and help sites go through their beta phases do so because they have knowledge or an interest in the topic at hand. Given that, as you can imagine, cold emails to folks with no relation to the topic offering financial rewards (be they fiat or other currencies) do not make for good motivators for healthy and long lasting communities — as such, I've closed down the relevant proposal on Area 51.

We'll make sure to reach out to the folks who sent this to you.

Credits to CM JNat ♦

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  • That would explain why I didn't see any of the usual signs of suspicious activity. – Mark yesterday

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