For those who don't know, Telugu is a language in India. It has 56 characters in its alphabet. There are a lot of Telugu speakers in India, and it's growing in America.

This would be a site discussing the origins, and grammar of Telugu. I am new here and don't know if I am allowed to post language exchanges.

I'm pretty sure lots of people from Hinduism (not all of them) would come here, so it would have a pretty good user base.

Any ideas?

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  • For the language related part If you have a community that is willing to participate regularly, I think they will accept it. For ideas Consider going through some of the other language related SE sites. Regarding Hinduism SE It depends, they might, they might not. That site consists of people from all over India and also other countries. Best would be to create a community first, discuss with them, and then propose it – Severus Snape Aug 14 at 7:58
  • @SeverusSnape I've already contributed to the Dravidian and Sanskritic Languages proposal. Telugu got accepted there, so this is moot I guess. – 10 Rep Aug 14 at 18:28
  • Dravidian and Sanskritic languages has been closed. – Severus Snape Aug 14 at 18:32
  • Consider reading the comments here by Almeo Maus. – Severus Snape Aug 14 at 18:42

There is already a proposal for Dravidian and Sanskritic Languages in the definition stage and Telugu being a Dravidian language is on-topic there. You have already started following that proposal and just need to ask example questions there to help that site define.

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  • Oh.. I didn't see any questions about Telugu there, so I thought I needed to start a new site. Thanks! – 10 Rep Jul 3 at 3:37

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