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It isn't that difficult to learn about MediaWiki sites on MediaWiki itself. Also, if a user has an inquiry, it isn't that hard to ask a question there either. You don't even need an account to do anything on 90% if not 100% of their sites. I would also argue that talk pages are far more effective than Q&A forums like StackExchange. This is not me hating in StackExchange, I just don't see a need for a Q&A when MediaWiki already has talk pages.

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    Why create ask ubuntu? They have plenty of forums – ARI FISHER Jun 28 at 21:14
  • @ARIFISHER I see your point, but if you want to discuss something on a MediaWiki site, just scroll to the top and click a button. If you have a general question, you can once again do that without leaving the website. It is already incredibly easy to get information on these sites. I don't know much about Ubuntu or its community, so I can't really say much about it. – Diriector_Doc Jun 29 at 0:07
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    All sites have to have an existing community. And most of them will have forums. But StackExchange's system is so different, they all deserve their own thing. – ARI FISHER Jun 29 at 0:17

I think the "Talk" or "Discussion" pages on MediaWiki sites are mainly intended to discuss the content of their respective pages, whereas I assume this proposal is meant for general questions about MediaWiki sites/software/server itself as a whole (judging by the example questions – although I see that the proposal's description doesn't necessarily specify that, so I could be wrong).

Your point about the effectiveness of Talk pages vs. Q&A sites is certainly valid and I'm sure many others agree – for example a site running MediaWiki could host "meta" pages about the site/software/server itself, with Talk/Discussion pages where users can ask questions about editing or maintenance (take Wikipedia's Help namespace, for example). But it is a wiki after all, and as you mentioned, is available for (usually) anyone to edit; and as a consequence, that meta-content might become so vast that it becomes difficult to find the best answers among that content (take Wikipedia's Help namespace, for example)...or for the best answers to get edited out by other users. Sometimes if one has a specific question, it would be nice if the best individual answers could be voted up to the top, instead of potentially getting edited or buried among other content (as is possible in a wiki); so also valid is that some may find the Stack Exchange Q&A format more effective in that regard. Opinions!

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