Proposal: Conflux Network

We develop a public blockchain called Conflux, we have many community developer, so we want make them a home so they can communicate each other and find answer for their questions. So we setup a proposal on stackexchange area51, maybe the community guys are a little hurry, and they didn't know well how the rules work, but they are real people. Sorry for the disturb. Is there any way we can reopen the proposal, we will use the normal way to setup this proposal, really it will be a good place for our community fans. Thanks


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    I don't think there's precedence where a closed proposal was reopened. AFAIK, they have to start over from the beginning. Perhaps take this as a lesson: while Stack Exchange communities are generally supportive of new site proposals, suspicious activities are very discouraged for their own good. Without enough (real) participants and a natural interest of the visitors, the site might just hype for shortly before failing into "ghost town". – Andrew T. Jun 25 at 11:17

If you really want this site, you can wait for it to be deleted, gather an actual community, and start over with legitimate methods.

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It sounds like you are affiliated with Conflux. You can also try a sponsored site, which in some cases has resulted in sites being fast-tracked to beta.

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