Point is I know at least 10 people that has a lot of knowledge to share and the only problem that they can't speak/write english. I can't create a proposal, but I definitely can share a link with people I know and in few social circles as well. I just need your help to start a proposal.

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  • Why are you not able to create a proposal? Your account has been banned from making new proposals? – Nike Dattani Jun 9 at 20:25
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    @NikeDattani I don't know man, just no option and I don't know really why... – qpaycm Jun 10 at 6:29
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    If you search here, you'll find that proposals for sites that are not in English language, are no longer being supported by the SE company. It wasn't my decision it was there's. I'm just telling you that your proposal for making "Seasoned Advice" in Russian language, will probably not work, even if you convince someone else to make the proposal for you (since you can't). – Nike Dattani Jun 20 at 2:47
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    Does this answer your question? Internationalization 'State of the Stack' – Andrew T. Jun 25 at 4:24

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