This proposal has 19 users and 13 questions. Ideally, everyone would help, but I know a lot of people think it's a good idea but don't really know about content creation. However, more dedicated users like warren tend to ask only two questions. Compared to Amusement Rides And Attractions, which questions:followers ratio is more than one, we're doing well on the followers side but not on the question side. How can we get people to ask more questions? Proposal: Content Creation

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  • Hey, I can ask more questions. I just need to think of some more :D. – Chipster May 28 at 5:55
  • But for real, coming up with a good question to ask can be hard. For me personally, I need to take extra time to consider the matter. – Chipster May 28 at 5:56

Rhetorical question: Why do you need others to participate any more? If there is no interest, if people just don't have questions to ask, then there is probably just no need for this proposed site. That's the most honest feedback you can get.

I don't see any useful purpose in pushing a proposal artificially.

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One way we could do this is by getting more people involved. Specifically, perhaps we could reach out to content-creators who might be interested in a community like this. By having more people, we will more heads that can help think up questions. And hey, it would also help us build our base at the same time.

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  • I have tried other forums, but they are pretty strict about the no advertising. – ARI FISHER May 28 at 10:50
  • But proposing a site is not a game. You do not just propose it and then look if there are people that might be interested in it. It is actually the other way around. First, there is a community and they need a StackExchange platform for whatever they do. THEN it is the right time to make a proposal. – Thomas Aug 15 at 16:24
  • @Thomas Yes. Perhaps a better way to word that is "even more people involved." – Chipster Aug 15 at 18:28

What was the pre-existing community you had when you made the proposal? You had to give a URL to its website in order to make this proposal.

You are expected to have a pre-existing community that can do things like ask example questions. All you need is 9 people in that community to ask 5 questions each, to reach 40 questions. The hard part will be to get upvotes on each of them. For this you will need a community of about 100 people, because people from outside your community will be downvoting questions too.

If you check the Commitment phase of the Materials Modeling proposal you will see that 144 people joined based on my referral link (and more than half of these people I already knew before I made the proposal, because there was a pre-existing community).

You might want to start a pre-existing community before making a proposal here. The "Materials Modeling Stack Exchange" Facebook group had about 1500 members when we had only 200 committers to the proposal. You will likely need 100-200 pre-existing supporters who love the idea, in order to get your site into Beta.

I'm sorry that SE didn't make this clear to people proposing sites. I wish it had been made clear to me.

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  • I'm talking about getting the followers we have to participate more. – ARI FISHER Jun 24 at 12:08
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    You have completely ignored my question "What was the pre-existing community you had when you made the proposal?". I'm one of few people that is trying to help you here. – Nike Dattani Jun 24 at 13:09

The name change to 'Content Creation' was the best decision, however, what this proposal seems to be lacking is questions that span across the (dozens) of different platforms. I hope you hear this for what it is, a mere suggestion but please do so with an open-mind. There are so many different platforms/outlets now-a-days, with millions upon millions of 'would-be' creators who are confused. They have so many questions ranging from obvious & common to the complicated & rare. I would suggest that those people be targeted & engaged instead of blocked & restricted. On the surface, some of these questions may appear as though they are "not constructive" and will only lead to "opinions", "debates", "arguments" etc but that is only a closed-minded approach that will not lead to growth/success. One of the few questions that is geared towards one of the biggest target audiences, YouTube, is the only question that, up until now, has been closed for those very reasons (not constructive). In fact, it's just about one of the most common questions nearly every YouTube content creator will ask at some point and the answer is pretty easy to give as their are specific policies & guidelines to cite. To be fair, pretty much every question on here so far (as well as the whole site) has an answer that is technically the opinion of the person answering and open to at least some level of debate... that's the whole point of these things, isn't it? Different people will have different answers and they can interpret any answer differently. That's why you can up-vote or down-vote. Regardless, shutting down/not allowing these platform specific questions from actual content creators is only going to give the appearance that this isn't a place for them. I know that is one of the very things that kept me from asking several questions that I currently have. If this isn't the direction you wish to go, you might want to reconsider the name change... or at the very least, adding a disclaimer that 'platform specific questions not appropriate'. I would just point out, we might only be talking about dozens in the immediate future but we're talking about 100's of thousands of potential members if/when this page makes it through. These content creators are usually asking questions, like the one that was closed, in the early days of creating and that's exactly when you want to gain their attention. If you're able to pull them in as they are just starting up, they will view this page as their go to source for all of their (countless) content creation questions... which they will, without a doubt, have. This could easily be one of the most popular pages of all.

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