Proposal: Podcasting

So, I thought about proposing something similar myself and was interested to see someone like minded.

Anyway, I bring this up because I have given this some thought, and I think "podcasting" might be too narrow of a scope. Or rather, I think a site like this could have its scope expanded to include content creation in general.

My reasoning is that doing any sort of regular content is going into some of the same issues as podcasting. Sure, there are some things that will be specific to podcasting, such as questions about specific platforms. But there are other questions such as, "How often should I post updates?" or, "How can I make my audio have less of an echo?" that will have answers that have use beyond podcasting specifically. Other forms of media, like Youtube will find that useful as well. By expanding to content creation, you can increase the chance of site growth as content creation is a growing field.


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  • I agree. Sounds like a good idea – ARI FISHER May 11 at 11:16
  • Plus, all the followers can help out. – ARI FISHER May 11 at 12:08
  • Done. Renamed to Content Creators. – ARI FISHER May 11 at 12:09

The term ”Content” needs to be well-defined for the proposal

”Podcast” or ”vlogging”, etc have known definitions

But ”content” is a very broad term - anything from memes to blogs to corporate copy to podcasts to...

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  • I agree, but note that "Content Creation" usually refers to making content on a regular basis, not just any content. – Chipster May 16 at 17:40
  • @Chipster - does it? I run across its use in all kinds of contexts – warren May 17 at 13:00
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    I stand corrected. I just looked it up and it does appear to be a broad term. It wasn't as broad in my head, lol. Wholeheartedly agree then that we should make sure this has a well-defined meaning. – Chipster May 17 at 20:34

I agree. Content creation would be much better for this site. First of all, this would help distinguish it from Super Users. Having a Stack Exchange for podcasting leads itself for questions that can be coverd by SU, but expanding the scope to Content Creation helps let it have questions that would be off-topic anywhere else. Second of all, as the OP said, other forms of media would have similar questions. If we don't change the scope, we can't have a Content Creators stack exchange in which Podcasting stack exchange questions would also be on topic, so we would have to have a YouTube stack exchange, and other different kinds of content creation stack exchanges, where similar questions are on topic.

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