Proposal: Dravidian and Sanskritic Languages

The new, combined proposal got off on a good start but I see that new followers have dropped off significantly in the past week or so. What is the main community building this site? Are they on a hiatus or has there been a loss of interest?

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    I wish I could put a bounty on this. – Nike Dattani May 13 at 0:38

There is a recent post about the proposal on Reddit:


Not much activity on this post yet though...

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    Unfortunately it was likely way too late. In 3 days the proposal will be closed due to not meeting the minimum requirements in the 4 month time-limit. The proposal needs dozens of people to use up all 5 of their votes, in order to get 40 questions with 10 upvotes each. If posts on Reddit such as this, were done regularly (maybe every 2-3 weeks) since the beginning of the proposal on 5th of April, then the proposal could have had a chance to survive! – Nike Dattani Aug 2 at 17:20
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    Even if it fails, we have to follow up after that though. For example, why not organize a temporary community though a shared Google Doc page, to gather supporters and questions in advance, and to allow everybody to be notified as soon as the next project proposal is launched? Or it could also take place in the Reddit thread too. – Almeo Maus Aug 2 at 21:27
  • It's a good idea, if you can figure out how to contact all the followers of the proposal. Notice that a lot of them don't have network profiles, and have never signed in since the day they came to click "follow" (which in many cases was months ago). If you do make such a Google Doc and want to try proposing this site again, I would be happy to follow the proposal again. I do warn you though: As someone that has successfully got a proposal through A51 (and I have the scar tissue to prove it), I suggest only to invest time and energy into it if you'd be okay with spending 1000s of hours on it. – Nike Dattani Aug 2 at 21:38
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    @NikeDattani I set up a temporary Google Doc. I will remove this comment in a few days. Link: docs.google.com/document/d/… – Almeo Maus Aug 6 at 8:07

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