This is to propose a new group of stack exchange for building architecture, interior design, materials, and the like. I didn't find a listing.

For example, I've got questions about the attached image (Tony Stark / Avengers Tower concept art):

  1. Who created this?
  2. How were the colors, materials and proportions worked out? What was the process?
  3. Do we have design rules rooted in psychology and/or science that, for eg, produce repeatable emotions given certain designs?
  4. How do these learnings work across disciplines? How do the learnings in interior design and architecture carry to user interface design for example.

stark tower

  • If you have a proposal, make it. But if you can't specify who is going to join, it will fail. – Nij Apr 20 '20 at 1:25

I've floated a proposal for an Architecture site.

Please contribute to building it if you're interested.

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