Proposal: LEGO

I've read on StackExchange blog that latest podcast spoke about our proposal :

Jeff brings up some other sites on Area 51, including LEGO and Firearms. The validity of a Healthcare IT site is discussed.

Being absolutely not a proficient english/american listener (read "I can't recognize spoken english from hindustani, excepted when spoken by my french compatriots" - yeah we french people put a point being both arrogant and stupid at the same time), can one give a transcript/summary of what Jeff told ?


From what I heard listening to the podcast, I don't believe there was anything more than a passing mention. That is, there was just a number of proposal names being listed out and there wasn't any discussion of any proposals other than Healthcare IT and Firearms; the rest were only referenced by name.

Here's what I heard:

Healthcare IT, which I was unsure about, but I think maybe it's a reasonable niche, you know, because healthcare is a massive industry; History, which would be neat; Economics, that's great, that's for the university department; and LEGO, and Game of Go, and then Firearms...

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