Our proposal (https://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/123786/bitcoin-cash) was just closed due to 7 days of inactivity. There was absolutely NO warning or even prior notice as to this requirement. (7 days should have been clear)

We have worked pretty hard at getting to this point and we just recently started a campaign to push us towards the Beta phase.

How can one appeal this "automated" closure and continue working towards Beta?

Thank you

  • Nobody did anything for an entire week, why would you expect this proposal to be successful? This requirement is clearly listed in the FAQ from four years ago. – Nij Mar 21 at 3:21
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    @Nij: You have to admit that it's relatively uncommon for people to read the FAQ, and in Area51 it's labelled "faq" rather than FAQ, which is rather unconventional and probably reduces the number of people that click on it (I'm very certain that if it were changed from faq to FAQ it would get more clicks/day, even if only slightly). – Nike Dattani Mar 21 at 16:50
  • All tags are lowercase with zero exception. It's very definitely conventional. – Nij Mar 21 at 18:27
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    @Nij, perhaps you are talking about tags in area51.meta while I am talking about the faq link in the top-right corner of area51. It's even less likely that someone would check the faq tag in area51.meta than they would check the faq link in the top-right corner of are51. I have been swimming in Area51 and Area51 almost every hour that I'm awake, every single day, for several months, as I've been trying to get Materials Modeling through the commitment phase, and I never once looked at the FAQ page. When you wrote that comment, I looked for it, and found the faq on Area51 but not the tag on Meta – Nike Dattani Mar 23 at 17:59
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    Also you might call it "definitely conventional", but you yourself used capitals in your own comment! So at least you might admit that faq is less conventional than FAQ. – Nike Dattani Mar 23 at 17:59
  • FAQ is impossible in a tag because all tags require lowercase, so faq is conventional. – Nij Mar 23 at 19:11
  • But this entirely avoids the issue your proposal faces. Not a single action of any kind happened on it for over a week. A strong proposal just doesn't have that issue. – Nij Mar 23 at 19:12
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    @Nij i'm not going to argue with you, but could you please point out where the 7-day closure is mentioned in the FAQ.. The only reference is, "If the site does not get used, it will be deleted." No mention time.. 30 days would have been reasonable; and at the very least a warning could have been emailed/notif that a closure was impending.. for these reasons, I truly DO NOT believe that SE is encouraging new communities to join its network; which I have been very actively supporting for over a decade now.. anyway, if there's any chance of appeal, I'd like to know where/how to proceed. cheers! – nyusternie Mar 23 at 21:28
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    @NikeDattani thank you for all your support; and I wish you the all the best with your own campaign! – nyusternie Mar 23 at 21:29
  • @Nij i also can't help but notice that, my question regarding the closure of our proposal is being downvoted?!? seems as though our closure may have been subjective, but that's just speculation – nyusternie Mar 23 at 21:32
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    @Nij: I wrote: "perhaps you are talking about tags in area51.meta while I am talking about the faq link in the top-right corner of area51" and you replied with "FAQ is impossible in a tag because all tags require lowercase". Perhaps you did not read my comment before replying. Now nyusternie says that you were not even correct about it being explained in the FAQ. Then you say "A strong proposal just doesn't have that issue" which is not quite true: BitCash was the 3rd STRONGEST proposal ever to be made in the last year (after Drones and Materials). – Nike Dattani Mar 23 at 21:42
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    Furthermore you wrote "Not a single action of any kind", but let's be fair and not try to exaggerate things by adding more words like "of any kind". There is only one kind of action that counts "activity" in the commitment phase, and that is a commit. Considering that you (@Nij) are logging into Area51 every day and participating in many discussions for dozens of proposals in the last 3 years, yet have never committed to a single successful proposal during that time, even someone who has never made a proposal before might be able to see a glimpse of how hard it is to successfully get commiters – Nike Dattani Mar 23 at 21:57

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