Proposal: Bitcoin Cash

As our initiative continues to gain commitments, I've been thinking long and hard about how best to attract the "right" commiters. As you probably already know, members with reputations over 200+ are NOT that easy to come by.

I'm hoping this NEW solicitation portal will help:


The general idea is that you can link it from within your social profiles/pages. However, its "true" purpose is as a solicitation tool for the individuals on this list:


Full disclosure: as of today, I have yet to actually start soliciting; but I thought I'd at least compile the list; and then reach out to community for "best" strategies.

Please leave your comments below.

(and stay safe everyone!)

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    I was the first person to commit to Bitcoin cash! I tried getting in touch with you on your website sdot.io but when I clicked "msg" it didn't lead anywhere. – Nike Dattani Mar 15 at 16:11
  • @user1271772 I remember! and thanks so much for the support .. i've got a million things going on right now, but i'm on Slack (real-time) and Twitter (dm @ShomariPrince) .. don't be a stranger, reach out for anything, i'm active 24/7 ;-) – nyusternie Mar 16 at 13:17

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