Proposal: Bitcoin Cash

First off, thank you to everyone who contributed to Phase 1. The questions were great and it clearly shows the value that will come once we bring Bitcoin Cash to the Stack Exchange community.

To the point, we're gonna need A LOT MORE HELP in this phase, as we're gonna need significant rep'd up weight to get ourselves to Beta. We REQUIRE at least 100 SE users with at least 200 reputation (from ANY SE site will do fine). Please, please forgive me, but I did NOT realize this was part of the requirements in the "Commitment" phase (the Area 51 FAQ was not clear on this).

To be clear, Phase 1 was just for "sample" questions. Nothing really counts "permanently" until we reach "Beta", so this is why this is so important. The good news, even in the "Beta" phase, our new site will be immensely valuable. Not only to NEW BCH developers, but also devs like myself, that have been gone for a while, are back now, but have a TON of questions that need "quality/expert" answers.

How can you help? The usual, tweeting and posting is always a BIG plus. But, I'm going to suggest that you try "a bit harder" to seek out individual users with reputations OVER 200 and specifically reach out to THEM. It doesn't matter how many committments we get ("Drones and Model Aircraft" has 711, but only 77% complete). Without 100 of these select users, we CANNOT move forward.

A HUGE shout-out to Chronos Crypto who just posted this awesome promo video, specifically highlighting the initiative.

If you have any other ideas on how to best GET OUR NUMBERS, I welcome you to post in the comments below.

Let's BU!LD BCH! and #MakeBitcoinCashAgain

  • On your website, when I clicked msg, it gave me this: "ipfs resolve -r /ipns/sdot.io/msg: no link named "msg" under QmPDwvXoJMXDmohBzGUF4HHmL6hfEhSyg9y6VBmgCb4DHZ" – Nike Dattani Feb 23 at 22:10
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    @user1271772 thanks for bringing this to my attention .. yeah, I've been trying to move all client-side stuff to IPFS; I'm using cloudflare-ipfs.com gateway .. the links actually weren't supposed to do anything, lol, I've just disabled them for now .. feel free to use Twitter or LinkedIn which are the only links actually working atm .. (I'll also be adding Slack soonish') .. thanks again! – nyusternie Feb 24 at 11:53
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    perhaps by liking their most disliked posts and type: "i liked your post for you please join this area51 stackexchange" thats how i got here – Nigel Mar 7 at 7:01
  • @Nigel, thanks so much for the suggestion; as it's been very difficult to make direct contact with the folks on SE .. I have literally no shame and will gladly do whatever it takes to make this happen ;-) may I ask, which post was it that got liked? I'd appreciate a reference – nyusternie Mar 9 at 18:10
  • All we need is one more person with over 200 rep to commit, and we will move into beta. so excited! – Nigel Apr 3 at 6:59

To piggyback on Mark's great answer that we should help our committers get more reputation on other SE sites. We should specifically focus on ways they can gain reputation quickly. Of course the best way of gaining reputation is by asking and answering valuable questions on StackExchange sites, but there's another overlooked way of gaining reputation: suggesting edits.

People get 2 reputation for each edit they suggest that gets accepted. These edits can be really small (code formatting, highlighting, grammar, spelling). By going through the "new questions" queue in a single StackExchange site and applying small but valuable edits, it's possible to gain much reputation quickly. We could promote this to our committers to reach 200 reputation.

I also wrote an article on this subject on read.cash.

  • Fantastic! YES! This is a GREAT way to build reputation. Thank you so much @RoscoKalis for bringing this to our attention. I'm currently compiling multiple lists of "targets" .. it's still going to take some time, but I'll publish it soonish' and then we can ALL work together to attract the users with the highest "potential" of reaching our goal. (and yes, i'm a stalker now) – nyusternie Feb 23 at 9:24

Here are some sites & groups that are BCH-friendly where we can try to recruit people who will find this initiative useful:

Memo Cash https://memo.cash

Reddit /r/BTC https://www.reddit.com/r/btc

Read Cash https://read.cash

Publish0x https://www.publish0x.com/search?q=bitcoin+cash

BitcoinTalk https://bitcointalk.org

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/search/groups/?q=%23bitcoincash

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/search/results/groups/?keywords=bitcoin%20cash


YouTube https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=bitcoin+cash

Github https://github.com/topics/bitcoin-cash

Hacker News https://hn.algolia.com/?dateRange=all&page=0&prefix=false&query=bitcoin%20cash&sort=byDate&type=all

Bitcoin Events & Conferences https://events.bitcoin.com

  • Excellent! thank you so much @David .. so far the community has been exceptional in their response to this initiative .. my plan is to give it a week on its own; then I plan to go DOOR-TO-DOOR of anyone and everyone with a rep 200+ – nyusternie Feb 19 at 4:26

I'm going to make a different suggestion: instead of trying to attract established users, try to develop them. There are 175 sites making up the Stack Exchange network; it shouldn't be hard for people to find sites where they can ask or answer questions to build up reputation and experience.

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    Awesome suggestion @Mark! Also.. one thought I had was to target the already "committed" users with "near" 200 reps and "HELP" THEM get to 200+ – nyusternie Feb 19 at 4:26
  • 2
    This is actually brilliant. Of course the main way of gaining reputation is through asking and answering questions on StackExchange sites, but there's an easier way to get to 200 reputation: suggesting edits. You get 2 reputation for every edit that makes it through the review. These edits can be really small as well. So if a user goes through the "new questions" and does small edits (code formatting, highlighting, grammar, spelling), they can get to 200 reputation quite fast, although it is tedious work. I'll add this as an answer for more visibility. – Rosco Kalis Feb 19 at 22:52
  • Can rep points be earned for asking/answering questions here on the Area 51 meta site? When I try to join a new Stack Exchange community, it seems to want to reset my account. I'm sure I'm missing something. – Jake Feb 20 at 5:36
  • 4
    @Jake Every new StackExchange is it's own individual site, and you have to "sign up" for every site, but they all use the same account. So it can feel like you "reset" your account. Because every "account" on every individual site has its own reputation tracking. So if you want to count towards the committers with 200+ rep, you need to join an existing site (not Area 51/Meta) and find a way to reach 200 reputation on that site. – Rosco Kalis Feb 20 at 11:53

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