Proposal: Drones and Model Aircraft

As a total nobody, I mostly hear about drones in the news in military drone strikes. I thus guess that this site will end up with questions about military drones.

Question: Are military drones on-topic?

The "Model Aircraft" in the title suggests it's more of a hobbyist site.

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The below is all just my opinion:

No. The site is about model aircraft—that is, working aircraft that are too small to carry a human pilot. Such aircraft must be remote-controlled, autonomous, or completely uncontrolled.

The word "drones" is only in the title because model aircraft are colloquially called drones.

Questions large unmanned aircraft (those which are large enough to carry a human, even if they actually don't) belong on Aviation.SE.

That's not to say that the site is only for hobbyists; professional use of model aircraft is on topic as well.

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    Speaking as an industry insider, the reason we use the word "drones" is because of Jeff Bezos's 60 minutes interview. Up until that point, we tried to say "UAV" in order to distinguish them from military drones. After that interview went viral, we had no choice but to embrace the word. Still, researchers and users of drones are not really in any way intersecting with military hunt-and-kill drones. Those should be in Aviation.SE (if they should be anywhere at all). Feb 25, 2020 at 16:21

Drones AND Model Aircraft - there's no reason to exclude military drones.

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