I think that creating a chat room where people may discuss, ask questions . meet and talk in or about Arabic language could raise more attention and help any proposal for Arabic language to go further.

Sadly I'm not good at creating such rooms nor could I find any help (except with creating it on an existing SE-Site) in some earlier discussions such as:

How to create chat room for proposal?
Why isn't each proposal given a chat room?
Dedicated chat room

Therefore I'd be glad if anybody would be willing to launch such a room if possible or tell us how this works on Area51?

Proposal: Arabic Language

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    If you downvote a question, please be more constructive and add a comment to explain why you did so. – Taoufik Mohdit Feb 10 at 9:42
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    I think the idea is good. I am not sure if it's feasible though. I have created a LinkedIn group to support the proposal: linkedin.com/groups/13827948. If you're on LinkedIn, feel free to join and invite your connections to join too. – Taoufik Mohdit Feb 10 at 9:49

I've made an attempt and created a room.

I hope some people may join me/us here.
And I've been informed about another existing one here

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