Proposal: PlatON

What is PlatON? Is there any more visual way to make me understand?


More than a blockchain platform, PlatON introduces a trustless computing architecture to address scalability and privacy issues with advanced encryption algorithms including verifiable computing, homomorphic encryption, secure multiparty computing, and more. PlatON’s technology allows the executing of more heavy, data-privacy smart contracts. For more information, please read the PlatON Technical White Paper. https://platonnetwork.github.io/Docs/#/en-us/basics/[English]-Whitepaper


About PlatON

The name was inspired by the words that the founders of the PlatON team met in New York in 2017 when they repeatedly discussed the next-generation computing architecture.

One of the important reasons for the English name PlatON is that we trace the entire calculation theory, back to Leibniz, further to the great philosophers of ancient Greece, and also the greatest philosopher and thinker of all Western philosophy and even Western culture One of the noble salutes of Plato.

There is also a translation of Plato's great book 《The Ideal State》 in China, and the Chinese name is translated as 《King》. The original Greek language of the ideal country is "Πολιτεία", which is called "Politeia" in Greek. Its original meaning is irrelevant to the term "ideal country" and can be understood as a constitution or a political system. The term "ideal country" often used by Chinese people actually represents the understanding and vision of a considerable number of Chinese people.

Starting from Leibniz's thinking about the computing and governance attributes of the world, the word "Republic" is given, and we trace back to the source of technology and governance. We chose PlatON as our name and philosophy. From technology exploration to governance pursuit, Plato Network is our ideal integration and carrier.

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    So, "PlatON" is a pile of buzzwords. Is it anything else as well? – Mark Feb 7 at 3:49

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