I anticipate quite a few questions like "Can I fly a drone above roads in Xyzia?" and "What is the legal distinction between a drone and a model aircraft in Canada?"

Should these be on-topic?

Proposal: Drones and Model Aircraft


Good question, especially in a time when new and confusing regulations are being drafted by the day.

I'm thinking yes. As long as it is prefaced by the disclaimer that this forum isn't responsible for legal trouble, I see little reason why it shouldn't be on-topic.


Yes, those questions are very on-topic. Simple clear-text distillations of complex ideas is one of the things that Stack Exchange excels at. "How should I interpret a sign which says...?" or "is X considered a drone in this country/state...? or "is there legal precedence in country X for the application of regulation Y" are all perfect versions of easy questions with either extremely nuanced or hard to find answers.

An analog is that many questions on the SE Home Improvement site, https://diy.stackexchange.com/, either have directly to do with building/plumbing/electrical code or have answers which are modified pursuant to local codes (e.g. how much vertical space do you need between a sink drain and a sewage pipe).

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