Proposal: Danish Language

Please see: Would a shared SE for Scandinavian languages make sense?

And: What are the advantages of single language sites over collective ones?

If you see the "Sanskrit Language" proposal, for example, you can see how a language proposal can really struggle, even when it's a language of a country with over 1 billion people living there!!

It is extremely hard to get 40 questions with 10 upvotes within 4 months. The chances would be much better if the scope was more broad. This should be done earlier rather than later, because otherwise other Scandinavians wouldn't be so enthusiastic to participate in upvoting or adding questions, if 35 of them are already biased towards one Scandinavian language.

Would you consider broadening the scope?

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    I'm not sure it'd make sense to make a proposal covering several languages even if they have common roots (I don't know whether that's the case for Scandinavian languages, I don't know any of them): chances are it'll get questions about the differences/common aspects of the languages and if I'm not wrong, those would belong to Linguistics.SE. That being said, I understand the fear that comes with proposing a new stack and not being able of meeting the requirements on time. Been there myself :/ – avazula Jan 14 at 9:01
  • Area51 always needs a community before a proposal is written. If that doesn't happen, the site is doomed to fail. So if there's a group of people behind this, it's kind-of up to them I guess. But doing it just to increase the chances of survival is fixing the wrong problem. There should be a community taking care of that already. If not, the site is doomed regardless. See also this answer. – Mast Jan 17 at 9:28

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