Proposal: Materials Modeling

Currently, for this proposal, even though the number of followers has almost reached the requirement, the numbers of questions with score 10+ is far from that needed to move to the next phase (26 more questions with 10+ needed). And the 4 month limit for a proposal to complete definition will be reached within December 20 (I think). In spite of having a vast community spread around the web in the topic as explained in this answer, this proposal has not been able to reach the minimum requirements till now and is far from reaching it.

So, is there something that can be done to promote this site within the existing community spread out in other SE sites as well as in sites such as ResearchGate and in forums and mailing lists of many packages such as VASP, QE, ABINIT, CASTEP, DFTB+, LAMMPS, CPMD, CP2K etc?


I found it extremely difficult and confusing to register. You first need to join "Meta Stack Exchange". And you have to actually verify your email address in two separate emails, which made me a bit confused.

Eventually after persistent trying, I managed to join and even ask my own questions.

I have taken the time to show how I did it, starting from here:

enter image description here

This takes me to the page:

enter image description here

I filled in my Name, Email and Password, and then clicked Sign-Up. This showed up:

enter image description here

I got an email to join "Meta Stack Exchange":

enter image description here

I clicked "confirm", then went back to Materials Modeling and clicked "Follow", which lead me here:

enter image description here

Then I had to confirm another email. This time not for "Meta Stack Exchange" but for "Area 51":

enter image description here

After verifying my email address this second time, my "follow" actually finally counts, and I could vote for some questions.

  • I think this answer is not for the question I asked and is for another question. And you have answered it there itself. My question was specifically on ways to promote this site within the broader community spread out in other websites as detailed in my question and here. – rashid Dec 3 at 4:43

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