Proposal: Nimiq

I constantly see community members asking very specific questions on the chat, and there are some questions on the forum too, that could be well suited for the Q&A website. Should we redirect users to post their questions as example on the proposal? Would there be any downside?

  • Hang on to your questions until the site is actually launched. What is generally on topic is explored through posting example questions, not broader discussion here. I can appreciate your enthusiasm to get started on this site, but it is best to save these site-administration questions for the folks who are actively using this site in actual practice. Area 51 is for questions about getting the proposal launched. Sorry about the confusion. – Robert Cartaino Dec 2 at 15:32
  • @RobertCartaino , thanks for pointing that out, just edited the question. This is a question that I'm about to ask on the chat and forum too, and would love to have that discussion here as well. Do you think is on topic for Are 51? – rraallvv Dec 3 at 3:41

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