Proposal: Nimiq

Questions asking for recommendations are generally not viewed favourably on the SE network, even so I've been able to find very good alternatives to software and web apps on the SE websites that are not specifically focused on recommendations, than on those that are.

The downside being that questions asking for recommendations would likely receive spammy answers and would need to be heavily moderated.

However recommendations would be greatly appreciated if they are ranked with a voting system like the one on the SE platform, and much more preferable than those found on outdated blog posts with a bunch of referral links.

  • Hang on to your questions until the site is actually launched. What is generally on topic is explored through posting example questions, not broader discussion here. I can appreciate your enthusiasm to get started on this site, but it is best to save these site-administration questions for the folks who are actively using this site in actual practice. Area 51 is for questions about getting the proposal launched. Sorry about the confusion. – Robert Cartaino Dec 2 at 15:33

I'm thinking it's probably best not to allow for recommendations. Alongside the fact that it's frowned upon in many other communities, there's really no true answer for such a question so picking best answer and such could be tough. Plus the extra moderation you mentioned would most likely be difficult for our small community to handle.

Maybe recommendations for wallets, miners, pools, and such could be pivoted from recommendations to just general information and rather than allowing people to ask such questions, we could start the Nimiq SE with some community wikis for each list of things we want. Then we'd only have to moderate the comments and edits to ensure that people aren't putting one thing down to push their thing up, plus moderate questions to close questions asking for recommendations (which most communities already do anyway) and point them at the community wiki.

I think it'd be neat if we had a community wiki for pools, miners, wallets, block explorers, maybe even a list of use cases.

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