Proposal: Conservation of Cultural Heritage

We had some discussion on the fact that this proposal is too narrow in fact, I don't think so, actually, I'm seeing that some users of the community struggle to understand if some questions are off-topic or not. I think this problem will be solved in the future with the introduction of the tags unfortunately now we have to be careful to not judge the question to quickly.

I've listed some major fields tags that may become possible tags in the future if the proposal is accepted:

  • archaeology
  • art-history
  • buildings
  • conservation
  • digital humanities
  • digitization
  • diagnostic
  • management
  • museology
  • theoretical aspects

As an example let's take this downvoted question: https://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/122384/conservation-of-cultural-heritage/122392#122392 It has already some answers in the quora website it can be classified as archeology building conservation

However, it's good not to separate too much! Stay curious on questions and answers in other fields many errors in the conservation practice are due to ignorance of the importance some details and aspects have to other disciplines and professionals! How can we define other fields related tag to help to understand how this web-site could work? And possibly a good praxis for avoiding downvoting the questions too quickly?

  • This is not an appropriate place for this discussion. You can't tag anything until you're in beta, by which point you will have a meta site, because you won't have a full idea of what kind of questions are being asked by the community. So wait until then. – Nij Sep 15 at 9:48
  • @Nij thanks for the feedback, I was trying to address the problem that because we have no tags people are downvoting questions that are actually good questions because they think are off-topic. I am just showing how we can define better the website. In beta will be too late... – G M Sep 15 at 13:44

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