Proposal: Cryopreservation

I am very interested in this topic, so I have "followed" the proposal. But the description is a bit bold in saying that "it will allow life to survive for eternity". Perhaps it should say "for the purpose of trying to extend life". You cannot guarantee 100% that you will be able to preserve life to eternity, so having something so bold right there in the SE's description, might turn some people off!


Thank you for your interest and suggestion! I agree that "for the purpose of trying to extend life" is more accurate in describing it and more appropriate to start the scientific discussions.

So far in cryopreservation, we've seen whole body examples provided by nature, like the water bear; technologies tested on organs that allow ultra-rapid cooling and warming to reduce damage caused by crystallization; cell and tissue experiment results without the usage of cryoprotectants... I hope this proposal can connect all the knowledgeable and interested groups for discussion and planning that may ignite hope for the ultimate life extension.

  • So you agree with me, but the proposal description hasn't yet been edited! – user1271772 Sep 12 at 19:39

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