Proposal: Industrial Automation

I see that "Industrial Automation" doesn't even have a Wiki page of it's own, but there is a section on Industrial Automation in the wider "Automation" Wiki page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automation

To make this SE accessible to a wider audience, what if some of the other sections of that article such as "logistic automation" and "business process automation" were included?


I don't think that's a good idea. It would widen the scope so far that the site loses all focus.

Industrial Automation is what powers modern industry. From complex relais networks to PLCs and SCADA to industrial Internet of Things. Thing is, industry being industry, there are very specific things you have to keep in mind that are not or less relevant than in other automation industries. Food industry is one of the most obvious examples that show a world where some things just have be done right.

Logistics automation, one of the examples you have, would depending on the definition you have for it at least be partially part of Industrial Automation. After all, logistics is an industry. So as long as the focus is on manufacturing, quality control and material handling processes, it just might work. We'd have to see during Beta whether it does indeed.

Business process automation has a focus on sales and workflow. It deals with the people-side of a company, not the manufacturing-side. Putting that together with this proposal would be a bad idea.

  • In 1 month they got 9 followers. They need to get 60 followers in 4 months. I thought it would help them if they were to include the topics of that Wikipeida article, rather than just one sub-section of it. – user1271772 Sep 17 at 21:02
  • @user1271772 Oh, there's a good chance the proposal will fail. After all, there seems to be a lack of community. The rule of Area51 is always that you'd need a community first, create an SE later. We'll see how it goes. – Mast Sep 18 at 7:07

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