I am proposing memes@stackexchange.com for the sake of discussing and living with memes.

What we do here:

  • Explaining what memes and internet jokes have behind them.
  • Asking and answering the context behind all the memes.

Example Questions:

  • What's the joke behind supa hot fire "bum bam bow"? [tag: explain-context]
  • What movie is the scene in the meme What's going on? from? [tag: explain-context]
  • Who created the first meme that was on youtube? [tag: meme-specific-question]
  • What does MLG mean? [tag: explain-context]
  • I remember there was a meme with 'one does not simply', what was the template? [tag: identify-meme]
  • What are signs of a meme? [tag: meme-creation]

We've tried this proposal about a dozen times (generally with the same questions posted over and over) with little support or practical value to show for it. The questions invariably ranged from overt trivia to "suggest-a-meme..." (a poor fit) to merely referencing libraries that already compile this stuff.

Bigger picture, Stack Exchange sites work really well for subjects focused on specific areas of study or expertise. With most of our community typically answering questions from a position of hard-earned experience or study, a memes site full of general reference questions, with folks just reciting something they looked up elsewhere, just doesn't have that much appeal.

We can't really allow the same subject to be proposed over and over hoping someday it might just barely make it through. Without an applied problem to be solved, we're not really interested in building this type of Q&A. See How is this going to differ from knowyourmeme.com?

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