Proposal: cTrader Programming

Does writing a comment not count as "activity" ?
What exactly counts as activity for the purpose of closing down a proposal?

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“Activity” is anything that actually moves a proposal forward. We used to count all activity, but we would end up with truly horrible proposals kept alive by nothing but down-votes and folks commenting how bad it was. A proposal with no progress at all for a solid week is in a really bad state. Asking the author to add a question mark after their example wasn’t going to make a difference.

  • Wow, thanks for replying so late on a Sunday! I completely agree. In fact I was going to ask a question about this, because it doesn't seem to make sense if someone can just write a comment on the 6th day just to keep the proposal alive! I agree that my comment was not going to make a difference and that if nothing happened for 7 days, they would have a hard time getting 200 people committing within 4 months. So what counts as "activity"? New followers? New questions? New upvotes? New "discussion" questions? – user1271772 Aug 26 at 4:41
  • @user1271772 I believe you listed all of them. – Robert Cartaino Aug 26 at 4:43

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