Proposal: Materials Modeling

There's actually two companies now (one much more serious, the other one less serious but still worth mentioning). There's still some things that are unclear though. I understand some sites were sponsored before getting into private Beta: Site Sponsorships — Bringing Resources BACK to Stack Exchange, but I imagine Stack Exchange would not accept such sponsorship if the proposal has not even met the 60 followers requirement (I am just assuming here).

Is there a minimum requirement before sponsorship may be considered?

  • Sponsorship is usually only granted to sites that organically make it through the Area 51 process: companies can't pay to establish public sites (only private ones), and companies also can't use their own employees to push a given proposal through the community process. – damryfbfnetsi Feb 27 at 0:29
  • @damryfbfnetsi: Quantum Computing only had about 150 committers (out of a necessary 200) and 80 of them with 200+ reputation on another site (out of a necessary 100). – Nike Dattani Feb 27 at 0:34
  • The keyword there is usually. What happened in that case was that the proposal was clearly on the road to getting the required number of users and there was no reason to suspect it would falter (and it didn't), so it was fast-tracked. – damryfbfnetsi Feb 27 at 0:38
  • 1
    I caught the word "usually", but I wanted to point out quantum computing because I think it serves to demonstrate that 100% of the Area51 proposals that had a sponsor, ended up getting through. I don't think there's any proposal that offered sponsorship but didn't get through. Quantum Computing took about 1 year in the Definition phase, so would not have survived by the new standards imposed the following year in 2018. It makes sense that there would be some "minimum standard" before they allow a proposal to sponsor their way in, and that's why the question asks what the minimum requirement is – Nike Dattani Feb 27 at 0:48
  • For Quantum Computing, the minimum requirement was not the same as the regular Area51 requirements to proceed to Private Beta! – Nike Dattani Feb 27 at 0:48
  • True, but just one sample isn't enough to conclude that it'll be the case for all proposals. The only guaranteed* criteria are the standard ones. – damryfbfnetsi Feb 27 at 0:50
  • I asked here because I thought RobertC might be able to give some guideline as to what the minimum requirement would be to sponsor our way into Private Beta. At the time, I didn't know that he was nearing the end of his time as an SE employee. – Nike Dattani Feb 27 at 0:53

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