Proposal: Tesla

It has been suggested to me that a topic called “Tesla” may be too specific. And that “Electric Vehicles” may have a better chance of survival as a Stack Exchange community. Thoughts?

Reasons I prefer “Tesla”:

  1. Tesla, as a company, creates more products than just electric vehicles and is more than just a car manufacturer. They are more accurately an energy company, I think. (Solar roof / solar panels, powerwall for battery storage, proprietary supercharging network, free over the air updates, direct to consumer sales, not-for-profit oriented service, open-sourced patents, Tesla apps and Easter eggs, etc, are all uniquely “Tesla” topics due to the company’s massive vertical integration.)

  2. Tesla’s first principles approach has set Tesla so far apart from all other attempts at EVs that it actually redefines the role of car manufacturers in the automobile industry in fundamental ways. This, to me, makes it a unique topic with a unique set of much broader questions than just "Electric Vehicles" would.

  3. The media, etc, insist on always comparing every other EV to Tesla as “Tesla Killers” which creates a point of argument among fans. Keeping this kind of contention out of the topic will take vigilance. Especially if given the same stage?

UPDATE: A bit late, but I realize now that my question description here did not fully cover what I had wished to ask. In the subject I asked if a community called “Tesla” was likely to survive versus a seemingly broader topic like “Electric Vehicles”. What I was trying to get feedback on there was if there might be some reason why the proposal would be suddenly closed by the Area 51 community as many of the others have been. Whether due to rules violations, or other reasons that aren’t readily obvious to a first time proposal creator like myself.

That said, I continue to believe in the reasons that I stated above in favor of “Tesla” being a worthy community on its own. And, in some ways, a potentially bigger community than just “Electric Vehicles” would be.


Your question is about whether or not "electric vehicles" is more likely to survive, than the more specific topic "Tesla". In order to survive to the next stage you are going to need a lot of followers and a lot of questions with 10 upvotes each.

This is more likely if people who drive electric cars that are not made by Tesla (such as the Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Bolt) can also participate.

Statistically speaking, a more general topic will more likely have a larger number of users and larger number of questions. This is because any question about Tesla would still be valid, whereas it doesn't work the other way around (people might be hesitant to ask questions about the Nissan Leaf on the Tesla Stack Exchange).

The disadvantage is that you would now have a much more broad stack exchange than you might have originally wanted. It may be worth it to think about whether or not that's a sacrifice you're willing to make in order to increase your chances of survival.

I do not agree with the other user though, that "you are going about this backward". It is true that you are expected to communicate with your already established community about what they want and don't want, but I think you should be welcome to also ask others for advice on what variants are most likely to survive!


It is likely you are going about this backward and it is one of the leading reasons proposals fail or get closed.

When you submitted a proposal for a site, you were asked to demonstrate that you already had a community organized ready to build this site. That is who you should be asking these questions; not here in Area 51. If you are just starting that process now, the proposal will most likely fail.

Proposals for this subject have been tried many many times, but Area 51 does not have the community to build your site. That is why we have these requirements. It depends on what your audience wants and will actually use. You are asking the wrong audience.

  • Fair, enough. I am bringing my own folks to the table, but it is kind of like work in the end ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ – pdobb Aug 20 at 23:08
  • 3
    @pdobb Yes, finding and rallying support is indeed the most difficult part of creating a site. – Robert Cartaino Aug 21 at 15:26
  • 1
    @pdobb - yep, it's work: SE won't (and, indeed, can't) magically make a community appear :) – warren Aug 22 at 16:15
  • If you build it, they will come! – pdobb Aug 23 at 4:58
  • 1
    I advertised this proposal on my stack overflow profile: stackoverflow.com/users/7437719/tom-minor First line and BIGGGGGGGGGG – Tom Minor supports Monica Nov 18 at 0:13

Make it not only about Tesla, and not only about cars, but about personal EV mobility.

All EV drivers will have largely similar issues, such as adoption of charging stations, technologies for quick battery refills on the road, and also similar legislative and organizational questions.

Not only Tesla

A Tesla is not that special of a car to really merit it's own site. A Polestar 2, for example, is very similar to it. I do not buy into the argument that they define the market to the extent where everybody else is still in the stone age and uncomparable to their products. You will find that a car is a car is a car. We do have some communities here for a specific brand, I'm mostly thinking of AskDifferent, but Apple is way more pervasive in many aspects of life for their users than Tesla will probably be. If Tesla really creates a complete ecosystem of their own, with incompatible Smart Home, Personal Assistance, Home Appliances, and Mobility, then we can talk again. But I don't think they are on that track.

Not only cars

You will probably see Tesla make other electric vehicles and not just cars. They have already announced a truck. Motorbikes may follow. But I do not think that there is merit in having one page for all Tesla products. If their products are too diverse, and include electric trains, for example, you might find that there is not in fact one community of fans who are really personally interested in all those products, especially those not primarily targeted at consumers.

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