I'm planning on opening a site proposal for an Arabic Language Stack Exchange site, but thought many Arabic speakers might find hardships since the interface is completely in English.

So is there anyway that I (and anyone else) could contribute to translate and localize the site, before even proposing it?

I think this will increase the engagement and will absolutely give non English speakers a better experience.

  • Unfortunately, that would not be possible. We do allow language-learning sites that encourage full-emersion learning (encouraging folks to posts in the target language), but the interface is still in English and (technically) the site itself is still operated as an English language site (i.e. the menus, prompts, help, support, etc are still all in English). We do not have the ability to accommodate a user-translated interface – Robert Cartaino Aug 9 '19 at 23:16
  • If I get the chance I'm willing to do all the needed translation if that's the only problem here. After all there's a working example on the network: rus.stackexchange.com @RobertCartaino – Mohamed Abduljawad Aug 10 '19 at 5:37