Proposal: Substrate

The term Substrate here specifically refers to the blockchain-software library Parity Substrate, however, this proposal also means to be inclusive for software that's building on a similar concept, e.g., Gossamer or Polkadot-JS.

Furthermore, any blockchain built on these frameworks should be covered by this Stack Exchange Q&A site, mainly Polkadot, Kusama, but also Edgeware, Dothereum, etc. pp.

I would like to discuss: Is Substrate a too specific title for this proposal? Is there any way to be more inclusive? Or is it just fine to use Substrate more as an umbrella term here? My goal would be not to exclude questions on Polkadot-JS or Gossamer for example.

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    "Substrate and PRE" maybe? We don't have a umbrella term for this ecosystem yet - that's probably due to it's multi-team, multi-language, multi-network nature. – Joshua Mir Jul 29 at 15:18
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    Polkadot Runtime Environment is the common name for all those projects. – Bryan Chen Aug 2 at 2:26

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