Proposal: Betaflight

On stack exchange we can tag posts, so while most questions might have a betaflight view on things, people might want to ask slightly more generalized questions, like the current status of FrSky receivers might be a good use of the "Community Wiki", or people could ask about specific frames or motors.

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    Not to mention the previous Drones proposals, all of which failed for lack of audience. Is limiting the proposal scope to just a single controller system going to do better? – Nij Jul 26 at 7:10
  • are those previous proposals available to be looked at? I've only had a stack exchange account for a day or two. – Kyle K Jul 26 at 7:22
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    Closed proposals are deleted shortly after closure, to prevent them being used as a beating stick against new proposals of the same subject. This makes it difficult to refer to them, or to keep aware of the pitfalls they previously faced in order to avoid them next time. – Nij Jul 26 at 7:24
  • This should be big enough. We get lots of support requests on many diverse platforms atm. The problem was that the proposal was made without first notifying any of the user groups, so no-one is expecting it. If we get over the initial phase I am very confident it will be a success. The login process is extremely frustrating and confusing, I had problems understanding the email validation check (doing it twice) and I think that is a problem. – ctzsnooze Jul 27 at 3:05
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    The real problem with changing name is that the advertising for the site has been exclusively on betaflight groups. Those posts said it was a BETAFLIGHT group. Now people following those posts to here find its 'just another FPV group' and, I think, won't join it. It was not a good plan to change the name. – ctzsnooze Jul 27 at 3:10
  • one compromise we could consider is call it betaflight, explicitly allow general fpv questions. But I guess that requires careful wording. I actually thought this was your proposal until I saw you comment... – Kyle K Jul 27 at 5:43
  • It's back to Betaflight. Search for stackexchange on the major facebook groups like Rotor Riot Community for a list of failed attempts at general groups. And the moderators here can't accept long titles, so being all-inclusive is hard. I think keeping this one focused will work out and be a huge benefit to the Betaflight community. We really need a reliable, organised, and trustworthy source of knowledge unbiased by advertising and the other usual FPV drama we see on youtube etc. Someone else can try a 'FPV Flying' or more general one. – Vaughn Dickson Jul 27 at 8:16

I was thinking of that, but figured the user base of Betaflight was big enough for a stack exchange. Pretty slow uptake so far though, so maybe a more general exchange would work better. We need to keep it searchable too, so multicopter might be too general? FPV quadcopter probably has the biggest userbase, or "FPV Flying" for "pilots of first person view (FPV) multirotors, wings, and planes"?

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    Can the proposal be renamed? Moderators here might complain about multiple proposals for a similar thing in a short amount of time. Most of the example questions would still apply. My suggestion of multicopter was from answering questions on /r/multicopter, but focusing on FPV makes more sense. – Kyle K Jul 26 at 9:54
  • Can't be renamed. – Vaughn Dickson Jul 26 at 12:18
  • @VaughnDickson The proposal can easily be renamed, click the edit button and change the proposed name – James Jenkins Jul 26 at 12:46
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    Ahh, missed that. Thanks. – Vaughn Dickson Jul 26 at 13:40
  • Changed it, let's hope this one gets more traction! – Vaughn Dickson Jul 26 at 13:51
  • @VaughnDickson Please note my reply below. – Robert Cartaino Jul 26 at 16:28
  • On reddit TimeFlyer9 suggested FPV Flying – Kyle K Jul 26 at 19:25
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    No I strongly do not support the renaming. I supported this strongly from the outset only for Betaflight related stuff. Wings and others are totally different environments. We will not get support from Betaflight users is the forum is too broad. We have over 100k betaflight users out there and we will get more traction if the name is restored to betaflight. I personally will unfollow if this name change persists and ask everyone I know to do the same. I feel exceptionally strongly about this. – ctzsnooze Jul 27 at 1:18
  • Little harsh, but I'm with Chris on this. We really need a Betaflight focused one to help us keep up with the support load of a huge community. And it looks like the 3 days to 60 users is actually 3 months, so we have time. Anyone can propose a new stack exchange, so Kyle please create 'FPV Flying' and I'll support that one too. – Vaughn Dickson Jul 27 at 7:09




FPV quadcopters, multirotors, wings, and planes

Proposed Q&A site for pilots of first person view (FPV) quadcopters, multirotors, wings, and planes

The long title may be sufficient to capture the scope of the proposal, but please note that before we can consider this site, you will need to finalize a 1-2 word "title" which embodies what your subject space is about.

Sites need to be comprehensive, but they also have to be easily recognizable as a coherent, well-established subject space by anybody familiar with this area of study or expertise.

From a design/technical perspective, we are unable to accommodate long titles, but the bigger risk of needing to enumerate a list of subjects to identify your scope is that it may not be judged coherent and comprehensive enough to be considered as a stand-alone site.

  • Hi Robert, One challenge that I am wrestling with, in my suggestions, is I'd like something generic, but not too technical. I noticed that there are some drone questions that fit in at electronics or robotics. If someone has a highly technical question, those are the better place for it. Calling a group just fpv makes sense to us. I peeked at your profile, and it looks like you know this stuff. fpv radio control is that one better? I suspect we'll have to workshop. – Kyle K Jul 26 at 19:16
  • @KyleK I don't know enough about your niche to say. Don't worry too much about pedantically nailing the exact audience while excluding everything that doesn't fit. Think about what is the most common identity anyone even remotely familiar with this space would get. Maybe what you do with it. Or what a hypothetical department in a university on the subject would be called. This has always been a tough subject to name. We've had many drone and RC whatever proposals, but most don't go anywhere. FPV Radio Control doesn't sound great to my ears, but I'm not enough in this subject space to say. – Robert Cartaino Jul 26 at 20:09
  • It should remain as per the original title. I do not support the renaming. It will cost us more users than we will gain. Betaflight users - 100k plus of them - need and want a betaflight stack exchange where they can browse and search betaflight related topics. I don't think they will join a general group. – ctzsnooze Jul 27 at 1:19
  • There is already robotics.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/quadcopter and that gets little use. – ctzsnooze Jul 27 at 1:20
  • fpv flying would avoid robotics questions – Kyle K Jul 27 at 3:00
  • Yes but what does that title mean? How to fly FPV? Specific user groups eg raspberry pi user group do well because the focus is tight. Loose focus is probably more of a problem than tight focus, in my personal view. We get 30 people a week joining just one Facebook betaflight group, and hundreds of questions a week to youtube videos, all just about betaflight. – ctzsnooze Jul 27 at 3:07
  • Changed it back to Betaflight. If it's succesful we can try a more generic FPV one, but right now the biggest need is for answering and organising Betaflight related questions, as facebook is proving a mess in this regard. The sharper focus and large Betaflight community should get this off the ground. The trouble with all the general ones is they've already failed due to lack of community support, so let's stick with Betaflight on this attempt. – Vaughn Dickson Jul 27 at 7:07

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