Proposal: Betaflight

If I understand correctly Betaflight is one of several software products used in flight controlers. There are 360+ questions about flight controllers on aviation.se why would or would not these questions be in scope on the existing site?

More research suggests these flight controllers are only used on remote control machines. If that is the case, please clarify.

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    You've linked a tag for flight-controls not flight-controllers. That aviation site looks like they discuss real actual airplanes. For betaflight we want to discuss smaller crafts. If I were to ask a question about issues connecting a flight controller to my computer I'd definitely be out of scope. a flight controller is a single board computer that runs software to handle engine controls of a drone. I'll link a flight controller just for reference. – Kyle K Jul 25 at 21:15

That's right. It's flight controller software for running small remote controlled multicopters, not passenger craft as on the aviation se. I expanded the "for" description to be more specific.

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