Proposal: Cosmos

There is a lot of the use of the word "Cosmos" online... would it be good to add another word to the site name?


I think currently Cosmos is good as there is no cosmos.stackexchange.com and and already an astronomy.stackexchange.com. Most "cosmos" searches on Stackoverflow are mostly about MS Cosmos DB. We have had a lot of questions and answers related to Cosmos on different channels. I believe once the site is up, those q&a can be moved to there and make the Cosmos site very clear on what topic it is about.

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    I do think its a good name and first use on SE. However given that "cosmos" is an area of study itself, maybe something like "network" could be added to ensure there is no confusion in the future(?) – robertdavid Jul 18 at 8:04
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    Given the logic of the above answer and the fact there does seem to be very little resistance to the idea of using the "cosmos" site name, this is the most acceptable answer IMHO. – robertdavid Aug 23 at 13:32

Honestly, when I first saw the proposal, I thought of stars and space and stuff. Now I realize that that's not it and that the title can be a little misleading, so I would suggest changing it slightly to make it clearer!

  • As you don't have a suggestion for a new name, this "answer" does not really add value. A better choice would be to upvote the question. – James Jenkins Jul 26 at 18:14
  • I thought of this issue before but I realized there is an existing Astronomy SE site which the stars and space topics should be there instead. Cosmos should be free to use and it matches the perspective of cosmos community but welcome any suggestions on naming. – Kwun Yeung Jul 27 at 6:22

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